Three Hats

I try to keep busy with other projects besides the sweater. Hats are really nice because they are very simple and I can do them without hardly thinking about it. I decided it would be nice to keep a stash of hats on hand to use a presents for people who are really nice to me, or help me out in a pinch.

Here is your basic “Caper Hat”, so named by Kelly because it looks like something you’d wear when perpetrating a caper.

Black Caper Hat

You can easily make the basic caper hat a little more fancy by using two colors. Siridar Denim is a great yarn for this; it’s not scratchy and it’s reasonably warm. I call this version the Candy Caper because the two colors in it look like candy stripes to me. Or maybe I was just hypoglycemic when I was working on the first one. I’ve made three of these in the past two weeks, and I traded one yesterday for a crocheted hat.

Red and Blue Caper Hat

When I was getting some Chinese food yesterday, Gee Gee the waitress was working on her crochet and I was working on my knitting. We both liked each other’s work, so we decided to swap. I gave her a Candy Caper and she gave me this flowery cap.

Gee Gee's Hat

I feel so crafty! Exchanging handiwork with someone is very validating. It makes you feel like they respect your work.

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