Starting the front

It’s starting to look a little more sweater-like.

Here’s a couple of rows forming the front of the sweater:
Front few rows

Also, I discovered a nicer way to photograph the wool. If I turn off the flash on my camera and use some natural side-lighting, you get a much better view of the patterns. I like this a lot.
Natural light

I got together with Judy and Yvette last night at Barnes & Noble to do some work. Judy brought one of her insanely fine-knit scarves that looks like it would take a year to finish, and Yvette brought three or four different things she’s working on. She is a madwoman. I think she takes a crochet hook with her in the shower.

No Responses to “Starting the front”

  1. kontakte kiel Says:

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  2. yvette Says:

    Crochet hook in the shower? Okay, I admit that I am obsessed with crocheting. I compromise by taking shorter showers. 😮
    I just love imagining the all of the possibilties that one can create from the fabulous yarns and a hook (or needles)…

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