One neck, one body, two sleeves

No pictures today because I need to get my stuff organized. My posessions have been taking a Brownian motion path throughout the house, and as a result I’ve got bits and pieces of knitting everywhere. I’d take a photo of the chaos just to prove it to you, but my housemates might not be so keen on that. So just trust me; it’ not pretty.

I haven’t made much progress at all on the Aran sweater since the last picture I posted. I’ve added maybe four rows. I’ve missed the last two knitting circles (Saturday at the Yarn Barn and Monday night at Barnes & Noble), which are the places where I usually do my work on that piece. It’s not the sort of thing that I can just walk with and make progress on. The pattern is so complex that I need to constantly make notes and read the directions. Not like my hats, where I know the pattern by heart and can do it in the dark while watching a movie.

The juice sweater is doing a little better. I’ve got the body completed and I’ve done two sleeves. (I don’t think a sweater really needs more than two.) Sometime this week I’ll add them to the body and then start doing the yoke, which will form the shoulders and neck line. I really hope that the little girl I’m making it for likes it.

That reminds me. I’ve got yet another sweater I need to work on, this one for my sister. It’s a sleeveless bit in ultra-chunky yarn, so it will go very fast. I just need to start the damn thing.

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