Entering Transition

I’m entering a transition period. I’m moving out of the house I share with my two roommates, one of whom was my partner for five years. She’ll still be my best friend.

I’m awkward when I’m single. Well, that’s only part of the truth. I’m awkward when I’m part of a couple, too. But I have moments of spontaneous grace.

And periodically, I realize that I’m taking myself way too seriously. Those moments help me reflect on what’s really important in life, like making cool stuff for my friends.

The juice sweater for Kelly’s niece is almost done. Here’s what it looks like at the start of the yoke:Juice Sweater - Almost Done

Unfortunately, the pattern was lost in a tragic cleaning accident. I’ll have to eithe r improvise or crib some notes from a copy of it at the Yarn Barn this week. I don’t think I can wait until after the move to finish it.

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