Deconstruction of Honeycomb Stitch

Last night I met Yvette at Barnes & Noble to work on some stuff. I brought the juice sweater (still not done) and the Aran, which had a flaw in the honeycomb stitch about four rows back. I had crossed a stitch in the wrong direction, breaking the lovely hexagon pattern that makes up the honeycomb.

Yvette helped me rip my work back to the point where I made the mistake. It was very difficult to piece back together, but I’ll feel more confident about it next time around. I didn’t correct it completely, but the error that remains is almost imperceptible. We laughed about the idea behind Persian Rugs, and that it’s usually not necessary to introduce an error for most of us.

The evening was cut short by a fireman coming in to the bookstore and asking everyone to evacuate in a calm and orderly manner. I take it there was a bomb scare in the grocery store next door; I’m not sure because nobody would say.

Anyway, I got several rows done on the Aran and one or two on the juice sweater. Then I went home to my new apartment, took a bath, and put the sheets on my bed. I’d like to say that I drifted gently off to sleep at this point, but the fact of the matter is that the f#%*&@! alarm in my apartment kept beeping. I tried several times to get the damn thing to shut off, but it kept happily chirping at me. I eventually duct-taped a pair of sweatpants over the unit, and that muffled its hellish chatter enough for me to get to sleep. At about 1:30 am. Grrr.

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