Self Portrait 2 and Incompletes

self portrait 2.jpg

Here’s a second self portrait showing my current fuzziness. I think I look a little less scary this way.

It occurred to me after the fact that taking this in black and white makes it harder to discern what those lumps on either side of me are. Those are all the currently in-progress projects I have going on. On my left side are the front of a sleevless turtleneck and a hat; on the right are my Aran sweater and one of the two baby coats I’m trying to get done by April 17th. The next one’s going to have to be a bit smaller if I’m going to make the deadline. I hope the kid’s not growing in earnest.

Emma, you are absolutely right about the feeling of ploughing through furrows of garter stitch. I’ve only done one of the Baby Einstein coats so far, and I am sick to death of garter stitch. Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a fantastic pattern and I plan to make at least two more coats in this style. But if I didn’t have other, trickier patterns to work on as well, I’d go goofy. The Aran sweater is beckoning to me. “Come on, David, I’m the most complicated piece you’ve ever attempted! Just crank out a row and you’ll feel better!”

My knitting is talking to me. Is that bad?

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  1. David Says:

    Spoon man, you’re absolutely right. Sweaters are pretty good at layout and web design, but they’re API wannabes.

    One of these days I’m going to have to design a CAT5 cable sweater.

  2. spoon Says:

    As long as it’s not being abusive, your knitting talking to you should be ok. Just be aware that most yarns can be kind of manipulative and will act childish if they think you’re not giving them enough attention.

    But whatever you do, never, ever listen to a sweater’s advice on network application design and implementation. They don’t know nearly as much about IPC as they think they do…. I had to learn that one the hard way.


  3. Lubna Says:

    Whoo-Hoo!!! Beautiful!! Love that picture!! You’ve just made my morning! Thanks David!! Oh, and my name is actually Lebanese. Thanks for writting!! I enjoy reading your blog very much!