Rules of Engaugement

The Cecilia Kufi prototype is a failure.
When it first came off the needles, it fit my head every so slightly loosely. Now it’s positively baggy. I need to put some elastic in it to make it wearable.

I think my problem is that the fiber I was using, a 80/20 cotton/wool blend, was too stretchy. I’m trying it again with a different fiber and smaller needles. (I used tens on the first one, now I’m using eights.) I’m also going to pre-thread the beads this time instead of slipping stitches off and poking them through the beads. That got a nice effect, but it was a pain in the ass.

Today I’m going to practice my fiddle and go for a bike ride. And knit, of course. But I gotta get some exercise. My blood sugar was over two hundred this morning. I absolutely cannot have mornings like that.

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  1. Lubna Says:

    Wow, you play the fiddle? I’m currently trying to learn the violin. It’s tough, especially when you can’t read music, so I’m learning that too! How long have you played?