Vacation, Day 1

Yesterday does not count as the first day of vacation because I spent it mostly in an airplane.

I feel positively gorged on sleep. I slept for ten hours last night, interrupted only twice. Once by Alexander calling for breakfast and once by an episode of hypoglycemia. I didn’t eat enough at dinner last night.

Jeff and Amanda had been planning to make a roast, but I persuaded them to let me have the run of the kitchen and I made Beef Bourguignon with egg noodles. The kicker was that Amanda had some hand-picked, home-cured chanterelle mushrooms that I put into the stew. Wonderful.

Of course, one can never be too careful with mushrooms found in the wild. If I don’t post again, it’s probably because of liver failure.

I’m going to take the camera out with me today and get some pics. Amanda has some beautiful silk baby clothes that she’s made, and I think I should have at least one picture of little Alexander himself up here, since his jacket’s gotten so much press.

Anybody know any yarn stores in Seattle that I need to visit while I’m here?

9 Responses to “Vacation, Day 1”

  1. staceyjoy Says:

    Love the comment by your mom! I’m jealous of your dinner and your vacation. Put me in your suitcase next time, would you?

  2. David Says:


    EXCELLENT recommendations! I visited Hilltop yesterday and found some very beautiful fibers. Didn’t buy any, but I did buy a pair of really cute mille-feuille (sp?) buttons with little ladybugs in the center for baby Alexander’s jacket. I’ll post pics on Monday.

    This morning I went out to Bainbridge island and checked out the Churchmouse. I broke down and bought a lot more yarn than I really need. I’ve been wanting a thigh-lenght vest for the longest time, and they had this great stuff from Urugay, and, and . . . I’m weak.

    The proprietress and her husband invited me to hang out and knit after I made my purchase. Nice comfy chairs. The husband came up to me after a while and gave me a complimentary Earl Grey Tea bon-bon. Scrumptious.

    The ferry ride was very nice. I got some cool pictures of the Seattle skyline coming and going. All in all, a great day.

  3. mom Says:

    I’m relieved to know the jacket was for your friends’ baby. It’s adorable. xxoo mom

  4. jahara Says:

    Know of any yarn stores in Seattle?? Man, we have some of the very best (in my very opinionated opinion).

    My favourites:
    Weaving Works
    Acorn Street
    Yarn Gallery
    They are all loaded up and very friendly.

    Worth a visit:
    Tricoter (famous store but very pricey. Nice to look at)
    Hilltop Yarns

    Out of the area treasures:
    Churchmouse Yarns
    Ana-Cross Stitch, Jennings and Hellens (3 shops in a 3 city area up north where there are lots of tulips out right now)

    Address info (and some links)

    Good luck!

  5. amber Says:

    i do not wrap yarn around my fingers at all.and when i knit on the needles i’m comfortable with, it’s not “loose” looking. yarn doesn’t know what size needles are, i guess.

    but like i said, it took a few years — and a few instances of having to SHOW them that i was telling the truth — at the LYS for them to believe me. whatever the pattern suggests, i go down five, yes FIVE needle sizes.

  6. David Says:

    Amber – on twos? As my man StrongBad would say, “Holy Crap!”

    I think I may have made the hat a little bit too big around the brim, but it seems to be working out. The only problem is that I’ve run out of the Rio yarn I was using with just a few more inches to go in the crown. Oh, the Humanity! I’m going to see if I can find some matching yellow at the LYS up here.

    I’m curious about your knitting position if your guage is that loose. Do you trail the yarn through/around your fingers at all, or do you just feed it straight in from the skein? I knit English style, with the yarn twining through the fingers of my right hand and guided by my right index finger.

  7. amber Says:

    so you are making the bucket hat too! and you are on EIGHTS! i do not know what is wrong with me… i swear to you… i made ben that hat on TWOS. ask them at my LYS — THEY don’t know why or how i do it either.

    i have thorazine hands or something. no natural tension whatsoever.

  8. David Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Kaetchen. You made my day.

  9. Kaetchen Says:

    David, you should know that I am completely in love with you. You cook, you knit, and you understand the distinction between facial hair that’s terrifying and facial hair that’s sexy. Do you want to move to California? We have hundreds of kinds of trees in my city…

    Seriously, thanks for posting. I really enjoy the updates! And I love the sweater.