Home Again

The view from my hotel room at night.


Oh, that was nice. I have many more pics, but I’m short on time right now so they will have to wait.

Amanda, Jemiah, Jeff, Celeste, Maylynn, Chris, Alexander, Oliver, and everyone who I’m forgetting just now – thanks guys. I had a wonderful time.

Jahara, thanks for the list. Without that I would not have taken the ferry or had breakfast at the Streamliner Cafe on Saturday morning on my way to the Churchmouse.

No Responses to “Home Again”

  1. jemiah Says:

    Glad to have been part of your good time – most of the unmentionable parts, as well.

  2. mom Says:

    Glad you’re home. Will we see you this Sunday?

  3. Larry Says:

    Great photo! Glad you had a good time. If I ever get to Seattle going to Churchmouse will be on my priority list. I’ve read about it and visited their site but I just need the real thing.

  4. Lubna Says:

    Welcome Back!!