Seattle Wrap-up

Okay, gentle readers, here are some pics of my Seattle experience.

It begins with my visit to Jeff and Amanda, and of course, Alexander. He’s a very pretty little boy. And his mommy, as it turns out, is a pretty darn good knitter. She made him a couple of items out of an old vintage knitting book that she’s got, including an adorable bunting and a very cute hat, coat and bootie set she made out of silk. Really, really nice stuff. After seeing it, I was humbled to present the Baby Albert coat.

Amanda and Alexander


coat and set

finished baby jacket

Speaking of the Baby Albert, it wasn’t done until it had a couple of buttons on it. And for those, Amanda took me to Hilltop Yarn & Needlepoint in the Queen Anne district. Amanda’s sister Alicia and her husband Jake accompanied us, as did Alex. The had a stirring collection of yarn (yes, I was stirred) and some really cute buttons, including some little mille-feuille ladybug buttons that I ended up buying. Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t around, and the lady behind the counter didn’t feel comfortable giving me permission to take pictures inside, so I only got the exterior. But in all other things, they were most accommodating. I could have spent hours in there, and they had some really nice chairs for knitting in.

Hilltop yarn

The next morning, I hopped the ferry over to Bainbridge and checked out The Churchmouse. Yet another really great yarn store. They had a wide selection, not as sensual as the yarns in Hilltop (if you knit, you know what I mean), but really good. This is where my checkbook betrayed me by showing up in my shoulder bag. Damn it. I got a lot of Manos de Uruguay and now I’m looking for a long vest pattern.

The Churchmouse is not just a yarn store. They’ve also got a great selection of teas. And they’re also very solicitous of their customers. As I sat working on a hat that I’d started on the ferry, the owner’s husband came up to me and offered me an Earl Grey bon-bon. Wow. Mouth fun in a foil wrapper. I also chatted with Dixie, who was teaching a kid’s knitting class along with her daughter. Before I left, I perused the button selection just to make sure I’d gotten the right ones for Alex’s coat. They didn’t have anything quite as apropos as the ladybugs, but they did have these great puppy buttons. If I ever actually do a dog sweater, I’m ordering a dozen of these from them.

inside The Churchmouse

teas in The Churchmouse

puppy buttons!

Most of the rest of the trip was spent in non-knitting activity. I saw a lot of memorable things in downtown Seattle, including:

  • Big gulls
  • lots of cyclists
  • a very tasty bowl of clam chowder
  • a street violinist with dreadlocks
  • a pair of shoplifters running from security
  • my friends

After I hooked up with my old college pals, I’m afraid the scope of activities progressed beyond the scope of this weblog. Suffice it to say that we all had a wonderful time with no resulting convictions.

18 Responses to “Seattle Wrap-up”

  1. arlene Says:

    Where can I get the instruction for the einstein sweater

  2. David Says:


    You’re right, that was presumptious of me. But nobody on the ferry I rode seemed to clue into that trick! They were all tourists like me, no doubt.

    But you got me thinking about hats that look like brains… hmmm…

  3. Jahara Says:

    Great — I figured it wasn’t actually meant to look like a brain.

    But *GASP*, are you telling me, a native Seattlite, how to ride a ferry?!? My pride is wounded, I tell you – WOUNDED!


  4. David Says:


    I’ll have to post another shot of the baby bonnet from that silk set. It’s got a pretty little star pattern in it, not at all like a brain. Really.

    When you’re riding the ferry, stand directly in the middle of the bow (with your back to the cabin) if you’re outside. Much less wind that way.

  5. Jahara Says:

    Yes! Everyone should visit Seattle — keep our local yarn stores in business. I like all of the baby outfits but I have to say all the crazy cables on the silk baby hat make it look a little like a BRAIN to me. At least in that picture.

    I think I’ll be replicating David’s ferry ride to Churchmouse on one of the next nice saturdays this spring (assuming we get any).

  6. Lubna Says:

    Fantastic pictures David! I’m happy you’re back, It was getting boring without your daily entries! Seattle sounds like great fun, maybe after my backpacking trip on Isle Royale(Mich.)in September, Seattle may be next on the list! I really like the Baby Albert jacket, and Alexander is sooo cute! He’s lucky to have such great knitters who knit for him! By the way, I’ll be sure to enter your future contest if those puppy buttons are included…. Welcome back buddy!!

  7. Kaetchen Says:

    Thanks, David. I appreciate your honesty.

  8. Nicole F. Says:

    I wish I had a Churchmouse here in Georgia. Wow! I bet you really had a good time. And your view from the hotel is amazing! So jealous. :) Have fun!

  9. amber Says:

    what do i want from you?… i just TOLD you. bonbons and puppy buttons.

  10. David Says:

    Bon-bons, Puppy buttons . . .


  11. amber Says:

    on the subject of suddenly single life: i remember when my parents split up and my dad told me: first it was hard. then it was not as hard. and then all of the sudden it was GREAT.

    tim and i, on our separate paths (not all that separate), found it was definitely true!

    i want not only earl grey candy, but puppy buttons.

  12. David Says:

    Michelle, thanks. I’m pretty happy with Baby Albert too, but I was agape at the silk set that Amanda made. It’s really great.

    As for single life, well, it’s rocky. Knitting helps, the trip helped. It’s largely a matter of not letting myself feel sorry for myself, and doing the things that I want to enrich my life.

  13. Kaetchen Says:

    Duh, just went back and re-read your posts to find that the pattern is from “The Knit Stitch”. 😉 Thanks.

  14. michelle Says:

    Don’t sell Baby Albert short, I think he looks great.

  15. Kaetchen Says:

    David, while it’s completely none of my business, I’m wondering if your knitting and the Seattle trip are helping as you re-experience single life. (I ask because I’m in the midst of a big messy relationship that’s likely to implode at any minute.) In other words, how are you these days?

    Btw, where did you get the pattern for the Einstein? I have a friend due in June…

  16. David Says:

    Well Amber, if it’s any consolation, I didn’t buy any bon-bons for myself either. But I think I might write the store and see if they can ship some.

    Perhaps if I do a contest through my site (which I am considering), I’ll toss some candies into the prize pot.

  17. amber Says:

    churchmouse looks amazing. i am having a hard time understanding why earl grey bonbons were not purchased fondly for all of your reading public and are not on their way to our doors right now. i have some “earl grey” larkspur growing outside.

    einstein looks wonderful next to the other knitted garments and frankly quite suitable for the personality (from the looks of it) of the infant in question. i would wear an einstein sweater myself.

  18. estelle zarowin Says:

    where can I find the pattern for the baby einstein jacket? I have two to make before Christmas and need to get going. thanks, EZ