Finding the positive

I’m sick of not having a network connection at home. Yes, I admit it, I have become dependent upon the Internet. Upon broadband, no less. A modem just won’t do it when I feel the sudden urge to upgrade my installation of Python on my laptop.

So I have an appointment tomorrow between 8 and 12 for the Time Warner guy to come by and hand me a cable modem. This means that someone will come by at about 2 in the afternoon. Such is the whimsy of the cable company. But on the bright side, this means that I am obligated to be physically in my apartment for about four to six hours tomorrow. This is a perfect excuse to get back to work on the Aran sweater! Hurrah!

Actually, I got back to work on it as soon as I got back from Seattle. I put in four rows that night as I waited for sleep. But I’m almost done with the front, so I get to move on to a new section. Keeping motivation on a big project like this is very much like keeping motivated on a long bike ride or a long run, at least for me. You look forward to the changes.

“Just a few more inches, and I get to start on the back.”
“Just a few more miles, and there’s a good hill climb.”

Except I don’t sweat nearly as much when I knit as I do when I ride. I must not be doing it right.

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  1. David Says:

    Kaetchen, I’ve had knitting dreams too. I had a really weird one a few weeks ago where I was doing a lot of crocheting.

    I don’t crochet. I’m not sure how that got into my head.

  2. Angela Says:

    No, no, no, sweating slows down the knitting process! Just think of the drag co-efficient.

  3. Kaetchen Says:

    This is ridiculous – I can’t get the old Weezer song out of my head now-

    “If you want to destroy my sweater/pull this thread as I walk away/watch me unravel/I’ll soon be naked…”

    Silly, no? Too much knitting. I dreamt last night about the baby sweater I’m working!

  4. michelle Says:

    So, are you going to share your cheap tricks?

  5. staceyjoy Says:

    Welcome Home, honey.

  6. David Says:

    Kaetchen, cabling really isn’t that tough, it’s just slow. I use a lot of cheap tricks to keep everything straight.

    Amber, you made me smile. Does Ben know you wrote that? :-)

  7. Kaetchen Says:

    Hey, dealing with an Aran pattern would make me sweat, too! Beginner patterns for me, please.

    By the way, after seeing how cute the Einstein wasy, I picked up “The Knit Stitch” today. I’ve been sneaking looks all afternoon during little work breaks.

  8. amber Says:

    ben gets sweaty eating a sandwich.