They call me . . . FROGZILLA!

It’s been a while since I actually made a post relevant to the sweater project, and I’m afraid it’s an inauspicious start.

I’ve done four rows since I got back from Seattle. Yeah, I know, lame. I’m warming back up to it. While I was waiting for the cable guy this morning, I started doing some more work on it, and to my shock and horror I noticed this in one of the windblown cable sections:


Oh, the humanity! It’s only about four rows of frogging, but still… grr. I hate doing stuff that builds character.

In other news, I’ve made a few baby steps forward in hacking up Moveable Type. I started poking around in the templates and made a tiny little change that will hopefully make it easier for people to permalink to individual articles.

Speaking of linking, I’m all puffed up with pride after discovering that I am the 3rd “Sweater Project” match on Google right now. How cool is that? I’m not even the 50th David Roth on Google, though I did go to school with one of the D.R.s who’s in the top twenty.

So thanks to everyone who’s linking. You are a source of great comfort to me as I sit here ripping out my errors.

No Responses to “They call me . . . FROGZILLA!”

  1. David Says:


    Hilary, that was terrible.

  2. Hilary Says:

    Does this make YOU the cable guy? 😉

  3. Emma Says:

    Don’t frog the whole lot ! Just the stitches in the cable section.Then knit that section back up ,correcting the mistake . It’s easier if you use short double points for that.

  4. Larry Says:

    You crack me up! “Character building” indeed!

  5. Sheryl Zettner Says:

    If your name is too inconvenient, you could always change it to something less mainstream. There are some great names at the Kabalarian site:

    If you would like, I’ll add a link to your site on my new “blog” (if I can figure out how), but I doubt it would do much good.