Apple Rocks My World

Wow. Someone finally did it right. Or at least right-ish.

Apple unveiled a couple of new things this week. They have new iPods, which are some of the coolest little devices for playing music yet invented. But the biggie was their new music service.

They have a library of 200,000 songs that you can purchase online if you have a Mac. The songs are excellent quality, take a few seconds to download on a broadband connection, and cost $0.99.

Now, they don’t have a lot of the artists that I listen to, but you can request that they add new songs and artists if they don’t have what you’re looking for. And the price is definitely right. I’m more than willing to pay a buck for a good quality recording of Bob Dylan singing “Shelter from the Storm” (my first purchase).

Aaaah, yes. I like this.

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  1. Lubna Says:

    Apple Rocks!!!!