Hit The Road

Okay. Three hours and forty-five minutes of sleep later, it’s time to get moving. This morning is the start of the Tour de Cure, a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. I’m driving the truck with all the riders’ gear to the finish line today and tomorrow. I won’t be able to get net access for about forty-eight hours.

I plan to have another repeat of the Saxon Braid down by the time I get back. Amidst my other fevered preparations last night (ending at 1:00 am), I wound another ball of the Irish wool that I’m using because the one I’m working off of right now is getting a bit thin.

I really wish I had some more time, but alas. See y’all on Monday.

No Responses to “Hit The Road”

  1. Katxena Says:

    So how’d it go?

  2. Jane Doe Smith Says:

    Hope you had fun!