First Violin Recital

This is really funny.

My first violin recital will be tomorrow. My instructor, Miss Jane Henry, is having several of her students from different schools get together. We’re each going to play one or two solo pieces, then we are all going to do a group jam.

Did I mention that I am older than all the other students combined?

Friday, May 23 at 7:00 pm
Beacon Hill Presbyterian Chr
1101 W Woodlawn Ave # 101
San Antonio, TX 78201

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  1. Sheryl Says:

    You know, if you take mainstream pop music and only play the g-clef parts, then you normally can play the melodies to popular tunes (every bit as easily as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.) If you have two notes on top of each other, then you usually just play the one on the bottom. Most of music is “decoration.”

    Makes it a bit more interesting while you’re still learning the ropes. I have that 2 volume set of Beatles songs. If you get bored with Row, Row, Row Your Boat, you may borrow it.

    Even cooler is my collection of Alexander Varlamov sheet music. I bet he’d sound cool on the violin. His music is very basic, but super cool.


  2. David Says:

    Heh. I still have those tunes in my head.

  3. Sheryl Says:

    I just noticed the change in “What I’m Listening To” section. That was pretty subtle. :-)

  4. Lisa in NJ Says:

    Have a great time, David!

  5. Sheryl Says:

    Good luck with your recital.

    — Sheryl

  6. David Says:

    Thanks for the support, everyone. I’ll see what I can come up with in the way of an audio recording. I warn you; it won’t be pretty.

    Good call on not wanting to raise the ire of the orchestar parents, spoon. If they’re willing to subject their own children to that kind of torture, what do you think they’re prepared to do to a total stranger?

  7. Spoonix Says:

    Hrmmmm… a recording, eh? Suddenly I’m inspired to go get a digital camcorder and do some reading on A/V editting… 😉

    As for scaring the children, I’ll try my best. Not to scare them, I mean. If there’s one group of folks you don’t want to throw down it’s orchestra parents… they fight dirty.

  8. Kaetchen Says:

    Too many jokes all at once…must refrain!

    I’m with Lisa in NJ on the audio file. This cannot be left unrecorded. Come on, SA people, help us out!

  9. Lisa in NJ Says:

    Hey David, I’m so excited about your recital! I took up the cello a few months ago, and I, too, am older than all the other students (in the world, possibly) combined…so I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your group jam! Best of luck on the solos! Try to get an audio file for your fans, okay?

  10. Lubna Says:

    Good Luck David, wish I could see this one!!

  11. David Says:

    Spoon, you may *not* frighten the children.

    Staceyjoy, I’ll be doing O Come Little Children, Long Long Ago, and Perpetual Motion on the D string as solos; I’ll be playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ensemble with the others.

    And it’s FREE! Where can you get an entertainment value like that these days?

    Kelly, I’ll do good, li’l buddy. 😉

  12. spoonix Says:


    A chance to heckle 8 year olds *and* David. Cannot pass this up.

    “Play some Skynard!!!! Woooo!!!”

  13. staceyjoy Says:

    I’ll be there in spirit, D! What piece are you playing?

  14. Kelly Says:

    I will be there! You do us proud now, little buddy!