I had one of those weekends that you need a week to recover from. Got a lot of sun, ate a lot of food, managed to get in some exercise, and then had allergies all day Monday. I woke up feeling like dried gum underneath a desk. Ugh.

And there are some problems with the Aran. I screwed up the Saxon Braid pattern when I transcribed it last week, and I was working off of it all weekend before I noticed the errors. Oh, the humanity! Sigh. Well, I was planning to do some cable frogging anyway. I should be an expert by the time I’m done.

I got an e-mail from a gentleman who suggested that rather than frogging the cables if the errors are too far back, I could cut the yarn near the error, re-work it, and then graft/Kitchener stitch it back together. This might be a viable solution, but I’m definitely going to practice it on a swatch or ten before I do it to the live sweater. Evidently this is a technique that Elizabeth Zimmerman used, and she seemed to know what she was about.

I am still planning to have the third milestone done by the end of this month, which I believe is Friday.

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  1. David Says:

    Tonight, I promise! I’ve got pictures and sound and everything. I spent about three hours yesterday setting up a new Linux box so that I could back up my laptop’s hard drive and make enough room to edit the sound files. By the end I was so tired, I just flopped into bed.

  2. Lubna Says:

    Hey buddy boy…you’re aren’t getting off that easily!! I’ve been waiting all weekend for an update on your violin recital, so let’s hear it!!
    How was it? Oh, and I’m not totally heartless. Sorry to hear about the error in the aran. That totally sucks!! Good luck with the correction!!