Knit one, purl one, rip about seventy

When all is said and done and I have knit my last stitch, I wonder if I will have actually knit more stitches than I ripped out?

Here’s what CDS looked like last week at about this time:
faulty sleeve.jpg

Lovely, no? NO!!! Because that little stitch marker in the middle indicates where I unevenly increased the sleeve. I had to rip that back and do it again. I showed it to my friend Maria who suggested I just add another stitch at the top of the sleeve to make up for it.

Tempting, but since this is a comissioned piece – no. Grr.

So now, a week later, I am not too much farther along. You can’t tell so much from this shot, but I’ve picked up the front and back and am knitting them back-and-forth until I get to the neckline, and then I need to join in another skein and work the front and back seperately. It’s going pretty quickly now.
starting cds body.jpg

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  1. Keith Richards Says:

    This is a question more than a comment. In fact it’s a plea for someone to check my knitting terminology for a translation I’m doing of a short story from Spanish. I’d be very grateful if you could tell me whether the following makes any sense:

    Plain one, purl one
    One plain, one purl ..?
    purl one, two plain together, repeat until the end of the row.

    thanks a lot
    Keith (no, not him…)