For a mellow night, last night was very productive.

I went down to Starbuck’s to grab a cup of coffee last night after dinner. The local bakery, which I would have preferred to patronize, apparently closes at six. I don’t know what that’s about. Anyway, while I was working on CDS, I noticed how the neckline is done by working four stitches in k1,p1 rib and then doing k2tog or ssk so that the ribs around the neckline are continuous and kind of merge into the ribs lower down. I’m not describing this well at all; maybe by tonight I’ll have some photos to explain what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the way that the stitches moved got me to thinking about stylized wing shapes, and then I started thinking about a caduceus. The caduceus, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, is the ancient Greek staff of Hermes, used today as a symbol of the medical professions. I’ve always loved images of the caduceus. It was originally the staff of Apollo, who was a patron god of arts and learning in ancient Greece. It was then that his staff became associated with medicine. Later Hermes got it, and he was the patron of travellers, thieves and those who lived by their wits. I was a cyclist early on, so I identified with the traveller part. Now that I’m a computer programmer by trade, I think the “living by my wits” part holds true as well.

A caduceus could very easily be represented with cables in a knit pattern, but the wings atop the staff might be a bit hard to do because they need to extend horizontally, and the staff would be most easily done if knit vertically. But I think I might have an idea of how to accomplish this. I did a thumbnail sketch of it last night on some graph paper and I think it may work.

Speaking of graph paper, I am still working on the cable graphing program. Last night while I was flipping through the Harmony Guides 220 Aran Stitches volume, I found that on one of the early pages they have a list of scores of basic cable stitches (like c2b, c4b, etc.). I think I’m going to incorporate these into the vocabulary of the parser to make it more complete.

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  1. Nino Esposito Says:

    The Caducesu would be quite impressive done in cables. Have thought of it many times myself when making things for doctors that i give gifts to. I thought perhaps the wings could be done in double seed stitch which would stand out enough to get the point across. There are many deep relief stitches that might work. I have done it in entarsia but was not very pleased with the results. I think the cable idea is the best.