I am in awe of Sweater Girl, who had the guts to do what I don’t. She’s working on what looks like the same Aran pattern I’m working on, and she also flubbed the big six-stranded cable. But she actually went back and ripped the cable panel out to fix it.

Wow. Just, wow.

Seeing someone else do it gives me a little more courage. Perhaps I’ll take up Yvette’s challenge and frog it. I’ve got a long house-sitting weekend coming up with four dogs and no deadlines. Hmm…

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  1. David Says:

    Thank you. Let me know how the Debbie Bliss patterns work. Even more importantly, let me know which ones don’t work. I want to get this thing as functional as possible quickly.

    I’m working on an Aran from Two Sticks and a String. I’ve seen the pattern printed at least one other place, but I didn’t get the name of the publisher. (It was a single sheet in the racks at my LYS.)

    The Aran was *not* my first sweater. I’d forgotten about a sleeveless vest I made my mom last year for Christmas. (This tells you something about the quality of my mind. I forgot I knit a sweater.) So, it’s my second. But since starting it I’ve started and finished one child’s sweater and an infant’s coat. It’s like starting the Aran was a threshold event that let me start tackling bigger projects.

  2. sweatergirl Says:

    David – you rock! Cable grapher is so cool – I am going to put in some of those Debbie Bliss patterns that I am afraid to do without a graph.

    What sweater are you working on? And are your really doing an aran for your first sweater? Damn. You are too cool. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen your site before.