Mental Workout

I’ve added a permanent link to the graph generator in my toolbar at the top. Please spread the word. I will add a feedback function to it soon so that people can more easily report bugs or request features.

Last night I had a great mental workout. I offered to help an acquaintance who’d been having some problems with Blogger and wanted to migrate to Moveable Type. Well, the MT documentation includes some handy instructions on how to migrate a blog from one engine to the other, so that part wasn’t too tough. The trick is that while Blogger is both a blogging system and a hosting site, MT is just the publishing system. You have to get your own shell account someplace.

She settled on a site that’s pretty cheap (<$10/month) and provides CGI functions, which MT requires. Great. So yesterday after work I got the account information from her and went to log in to the new site. I tried to connect using ssh* – no dice. It turns out that this hosting company does not give you full shell access – you can only access it via FTP. Aaaaggh! Luckily, they have the permissions set up so that you can create and delete directories, which makes installing MT a lot easier. But you can’t edit files on the site; you have to get everything configured the way you want it and then upload it. That was a little bit tricky, but I finally got everything in line.

Two and a half hours later and the Blogger site had been re-constituted as an MT site, ready for its momma to tweak it to her heart’s content. I have to say, that was a lot of fun.

*Just in case there is still someone out there who uses telnet to connect to remote systems – DON’T. When you telnet to another computer, your username and password are passed over the Internet in plain, unencrypted text. There are bad people out there who don’t like dogs who will steal your password and use it to gain access to your system. Use ssh or OpenSSH instead.

No Responses to “Mental Workout”

  1. Cari Says:

    Ooooh! Handpsun! Alexandra does beautiful work, if you haven’t caught it on her blog, David. I’d jump at that one.

    Also, she and I used the same commenting host combined with blogger. It’s a hard call which one caused more headaches…

  2. Alexandra Says:

    David…so…I just finished spinning some Shetland laceweight yarn (black with grey heathered in it) and was wondering if you might share some of your expertise in Moveable Type…:) :) :) I have been thinking about making the switch from Blogger to MT for a while, and may contact you with a yarn bribe offer in the near future…

    I LOVE THE CABLE GRAPHER!!! Now if you did one for lace- you would never pay for yarn again for all the knitters you would make happy.

  3. David Says:

    Well, you also bribed me with an offer of yarn. :-) I hope that you fall as much in love with Moveable Type as I have – it just friggin’ rocks.

  4. Cari Says:

    And why did he help me in my soon-to-be-realized Escape from Blogger? Because he rocks. :)

    Thanks again, David! (Have I hit 3,045 thank yous yet? That’s my goal)

  5. David Says:

    Thanks. I had forgotten about the MT forums. I definitely need to read on importing/exporting methods. Sorry for contacting you directly.

    Thank you very much. I hope to make the Cable Grapher a lot more complete. Feel free to criticize it mercilessly.

  6. Adina Levin Says:

    The Movable Type support community forums are excellent, if you have questions or run into trouble.

  7. Ginny Says:

    May I say how wonderful your Cable Grapher program is? What a brilliant idea… and executed beautifully!

    It’s a pleasure to read your blog, David.