I seriously need to get my shit together.

I’m now working on six projects. How the hell did that happen? They just kind of mushroomed up.

I’m working on the Aran of course. I haven’t touched it in about a week. I need to rip out what little progress I’ve made on the sleeve because I got the double moss stitch screwed up. It’s only about four rows though, so I’m not going to shed too many tears over it.

I’m about halfway done with CDS and it looks really cool. I’ll have to get a picture of the little girl wearing it when it’s done. Note to self: get some tags so you can sew one into the collar before you turn it over.
Second note to self: when you write “note to self” on a web page, you’re broadcasting the note to a couple million people.

I’ve got three Cecilia kufis on my table at home. All but the biggest need to have their crowns frogged and re-done; they are way too short.

I started working on a Sakiori [sp?] last night while watching Equilibrium. I’m using the Manos del Uruguay and it’s absolutely beautiful. This vest has a seed stitch border around a solid stockinette body. I used the Manos for the border and the body, and while it looks okay, I decided it would look better if I find a nice charcoal grey wool to use for the border, so I’m going to rip that out and go find something appropriate in my stash.

I’ve got a concept hat on a pair of straight 8s right now. It is a long rectangle of the Saxon Braid from the middle of my Aran sweater. I’m going to make it about ten inches long and then sew semicircular sides onto it, curving it into an aviator’s cap. I don’t know if it’s going to look atrocious or not, but I thought it might be fun.

Finally, I’ve got a scarf that I work on in my car whenever I’m stuck in traffic. I’m using some fun fluffy stuff that I got at Wal-Mart; I’m going to work in different bits of my stash as it goes and make a scrumble for Renee, the receptionist at my company. She’s been envious of my huge chenille scarf for a while, and mentioned wanting a scarf several times last winter.

So much for my projects.

The housesitting went very smoothly. Nothing got broken, Kelly and Marcos and Melissa came up over the weekend and we all went swimming and played with the dogs. Marcos and Melissa have three dogs – Max, Maddie, and Baby. Baby is a little cocker mix who looks a lot like Yoda. Max and Maddie are black labs, and even though they’d never been around water before, they are clearly natural swimmers. Max was bounding up and down the dam with a huge grin on his face. When he jumped into the water, he would completely submerge himself and keep on truckin’. It was great.

Oooh, and I tried out Sweater Girl’s peanut butter cookie recipie using Splenda instead of sugar. They were great! Nice ‘n crispy, and they were almost as easy to make as a pb&j sandwich.

I’ve got one or two good pics from the weekend, but they’re at home on the laptop. I’ll post them in a day or two.

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