100th Post

Howdy, Folks.

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  1. swinger kontakte clip Says:

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  2. Mike Says:

    Can I borrow your hat?

  3. Mike Says:

    Can I borrow your hat?

  4. jojo Says:


  5. Cari Says:

    Hey there, cowboy. :)

  6. ABQ woman Says:

    Don’t know what’s worse – the hat or the shit-eating grin?

    My little bro, the hottie!

  7. Angela Says:

    Ahhh, a knit blog with both content and a cutie-pie

  8. S. Zettner Says:

    Hats are cool, but if you really want to make these lassies drool, get a Fedora. 😉

    Now those are sexy hats!

  9. Lubna Bazzy Says:

    Hey Tex!! You’re lookin MmmMmm good!!
    Could you just post pics of you from now on??!!!

  10. Kaetchen Says:

    I don’t know what’s more fun, the pic or the comments. We are soooo going to give you an ego, David.

    Of course, ya deserve it, so…yum. And then yum some more.

  11. michelle Says:


  12. Daphne Says:

    I second Staceyjoy’s comment. 😉 Hubba hubba! LOL

  13. David Says:

    Don’t make me post pictures of you at Philmont. :-)

    Thank you, kind miss. I’m cuddly, too.

  14. Matt Roth Says:

    Just kidding…:))

  15. Matt Roth Says:

    Nice Hat, Dork

  16. staceyjoy Says:

    Damn. You are cute.

  17. David Says:

    Sorry ’bout the comments confusion, folks. I had deleted this entry but forgot to rebuild the index, so it was appearing as a phantom with no comments page. It’s back now.