Goin’ To California

I’m getting very nervous.

Tomorrow morning, I will board a plane which will ultimately take me to Sacramento, CA. I’m going to the Dixon Lambtown USA festival. I’m also going to meet someone that I’ve been talking to online and on the phone for quite some time. I am hoping for very good things. Eek.

In other news, I delivered CDS to C today — but he didn’t take delivery. His brother got pulled over on a DWI this weekend, and C had to put up all his free cash to get his bro out of jail. That royally sucks, for him and for me. Well, and for his brother too, I suppose. He said he should have the cash by next Wednesday, which is good because now I have time to sew a label into the sweater.

I asked C why he wanted a sweater for his daugher, since we are in Texas and it is July. He said that his daughter is going to Mexico to live with her grandmother in an area where it gets very cold at night. I think I’m going to take some of the leftover yarn and make her a watch cap. People don’t wear enough hats, you know?

Even though it has nothing to do with knitting, I might as well mention that I bought a new bike today. I got rid of my trusty mountain bike, which has served me well as a commuting bike for two years. To replace, it, I got a Giant Revive, which is a semi-recumbent bike that absolutely ROCKS. I will post photos when I get back from CA.

In the event my plane crashes in the Rockies and I am eaten by a soccer team, I just wanted to thank everyone who reads and leaves comments. You are very supportive and compel me to do better things. This is definitely the kind of interaction that the world needs.

Project recap:
CDS: Done
Aran: 3/5 done, working on first sleeve
Sakiori: 1/4 done, working on second back panel
Bog Blog Jacket: Who can tell? It’s kind of rectangular at the moment
Grandma’s Heirloom Top: needs to be ripped 1/4 out and re-done

I’m also going to start a very secret project soon for a loved one. I’m going to scope out the yarn at Dixon this weekend to hopefully find someting in the right guage. Dont’ tell anyone, okay? It may ruin the surprise.

No Responses to “Goin’ To California”

  1. Lisa in NJ Says:

    Fingers crossed here for you on all counts: nice meetup with the friend, good yarn experiences in Dixon, and that you are not eaten by a soccer team.

  2. Matt Roth Says:

    “,,,Her Bikini: Small
    Heels: Tall
    She said she liked the ocean…”

  3. MYKP Says:

    Hey, I’m driving up to Dixon Lambtown USA on Saturday! I guess I’d only recognize you from the photo if you were wearing the hat from the previous post…

    good luck with meeting your virtual friend in person!

  4. S. Zettner Says:

    Have fun in California!