Signs of Life

I’m still sick. Every time I cough, it feels like something died in my lungs. This is NO FUN AT ALL. I want a refund.

But in my sickness, I’ve been a little bit productive. Not a whole lot, but enough to justify some more photos.

I just went outside to get a little fresh air and sweat a bit. I went down to a local sports store to see if they’ve got any headlights for my new, ultra-cool bike. Unfortunately, they didn’t. But I did snap this pic of me and the bike in my parking lot.
easy rider.jpg

The ride took more out of me than I’d care to admit. My body’s just wiped out.

But back inside, I’ve completed the two back panels for the sakiori vest and I am working on the first front panel.
sakiori back panels.jpg

And at long last, I’ve finished another milestone in the Aran sweater. The first sleeve is done, bound off, and doesn’t look too bad on me. Yippee! I’m really looking forward to donning this baby when it gets cold again.

And that’s it for now. I’m going to make myself a ginger ale and Robitussin cocktail, pop in the Stargate SG-1 Episode 1 DVD and continue working on the sakiori.

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  1. kontakte hessen Says:

    kontakte hessen

  2. Janet Says:

    Please help me I am making this sweater also, but with out the honey comb stitch, mine looked horrid. Yours is wonderful. I’m having trouble with the sleeve. Would you please help? Janet

  3. S. Zettner Says:

    PS You’re no fun. You never let me bait you!

  4. S. Zettner Says:


    Just don’t waste all your life going in circles. 😉

    Tee Hee,


  5. Kaetchen Says:

    1) That’s Manos del Uruguay you’re using for the Sakiori, right? It’s gorgeous. Such a good choice.

    2) The mental picture of you setting up the digital camera and riding in tiny circles over and over in a parking lot, stopping occasionally to reset the camera timer – and of course swearing frequently – just calls out for mockery. Not that I would do that, of course. 😉

  6. David Says:

    Actually, everyone cranks up their AC for most of Februrary and leaves their doors open – makes it feel almost brisk.

    And no, I don’t have a video camera. Just patience and the willingness to ride in a circle for minutes on end.

  7. michelle Says:

    Doesn’t it get cold in cen-TX for about, hmm, 3 minutes at the end of January before temps jump up into the 80s?

  8. Brent Says:

    Yeah! One sleeve down and one more to go. The sweater is looking good. I hope that you feel better soon.

  9. S. Zettner Says:

    Do you have a video cam then? Or just good balance and/or timing?

    Video cams are so fun!!!!

  10. Stacey Says:

    sweater looks great .sorry you are not feeling well.

  11. Stacey Says:

    finally found the page where you ran into same sleeve problem. It’s later in the day, and several glasses of wine later, but I’m encouraged that “janet” also had the same problem. . .so how did you adjust your decreases???

    much love from a fellow knitter!