Good Weekend

I spent last weekend at my mom’s place. Kelly and the dogs came up with me and we all had a great time. On Saturday night, my mom braised some venison filets and I made some Risotto Milanese. It was the third time I’ve tried to make risotto and it finally came out just right. I was thrilled.
On Sunday, Kelly and I went for a short run, then swam in the river for 30 minutes. Once again I am reminded how much physical potential I have yet to realize. That’s a positive way of saying I’m in crappy shape. :-) My legs are pleasantly sore this morning.
I got to talk to my mom and my stepfather about some things that have been weighing on my mind lately. They’re both pretty down-to-earth people, and they’re pretty wise. I’m glad I’ve got them to talk to.
I finished the last full panel for the sakiori vest on Sunday afternoon. I need to do two small side panels now, then sew all the panels together and add a seed stitch border. I think I’m going to need another long #8 circular, as the only one that I’ve got is currently in the service of the secret project.
Speaking of which, I’ve got two rows of 230 stitches on the secret project needles right now, and they both need to be ripped and re-done. Directions, directions, directions. I think by the time I’m done with all the projects I’m currenty working on, I will be ready to try designing my own garment and making my own directions. We’ll see how that goes.
Oh, and I’ve made a small bit of progress with the violin. I’ve learned all the fingering for a Bach minuet. Now I just need to polish it. I don’t finger the strings correctly all the time, so a lot of my notes are off-key. But I’ve got the basic framework.

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