Much better, thank you

As I write this, I am one cast-off row from finishing my sakiori. That alone is reason for rejoicing. But this weekend was just what I needed.

I got to my mom’s place about noon on Saturday with a pair of lovely Golden Retrieves in my back seat. We played ball and went swimming in the river. Then, while they took a nap in the cabin, I took myself for a bike ride on some very hilly roads.

That evening, friends arrived and we made barbequed chicken, wild rice, a simple salad, and drank lots of wine. Later in the evening we got a few glimpses of Mars through thin clouds and munched s’mores in the dark. I got melted marshmallow all over my face. It was wonderful.

I slept with Morgan, on of the Goldens, right next to me in bed. She kept having hunting dreams and kicking me with her rear paws. It was adorable.

Okay, I think I’m ready for another week now.

No Responses to “Much better, thank you”

  1. Kaetchen Says:

    I’m with Stacey; there’s clearly some weird energy going around. But we need pictures of the sakiori! Preferably being worn, D.

  2. Stacey Says:

    I glad you got away for the weekend. Sorry your week was crazy. I think mars is throwing some serious curve balls into everyones mojo. Hope this week is better. Sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Alexandra Says:

    What a weekend! Sounds fabulous!