I’m Not Like The Other Guys

Sometimes you can only take solace in your own uniqueness. My life is becoming steadily more difficult to cope with in the real world, but at least I know that I am absolutely not like all the other guys.

I’ve got creditors after me, I don’t have a love life (entirely my own fault, I know, but it still sucks), I just wasted a week of my time and my company’s money on an accreditation that I didn’t get, and I’m 31 years old and I’ve got arthritis in my back. I’m so fucking pissed off right now I could spit.


But then, there are these moments. I stopped by the Yarn Barn this afternoon to pick up some needles for a present for my mom. (Oh, mom – don’t read this.) As I was checking out, I saw a book behind the counter.

‘Oh my gosh! Is that Sally Melville’s “The Purl Stitch”? Is it out already?’
Marge, my ace knitting crone, smiled and grabbed me a copy.

Yeah. The Big Bad people of the world can try and screw with me all they want, but at the end of the day, I’m the only hetero guy in the city who gets jazzed by knitting books.

And long after I am dead and buried, my handiwork is going to be keeping my grand- nieces and nephews warm and comfy. What does a pissy little collection agency matter next to that brand of immortality?

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  1. Stacey Says:

    What can I say, some girls are too dumb to see a great guy right under their nose.

    I don’t recommend the 7 year hiatus that I just came off of, but waiting for the one that feels just right is worth the wait.

    Creditors are evil. I used to listen to Dave Ramsey on talk radio. It helped to hear the advice from a man who had been through worse. Ther is a distinct Christian bent that I did not agree with, but the advice was so good.

    Kudos for you for not being like other guys. Who wants the cookie cutter frat boy. Give me a man I can knit with at the pub anyday.

  2. H Says:

    Hi Gorgeous,

    I have been following this blog for a little while now, since you thoughtfully popped up in my blog.

    I know it all seems rough and hard. And this may sound absolutely inane, but I think it is very, very cool that you knit. And I am not taking the piss here, I am serious.

    I remember when creditors were on me. College loans, credit cards, it all became too much. I remember when $5.00 in the budget meant such a big difference, when I was the Queen of Floating Checks. The thing is, and I am not just saying this in a serendipitous kind of way, but life has a way of working it out. Forgive me for saying it. But at long last my student loan is gone, as are the credit card debts. And it was a serious of happy coincidences that helped me survive.

    Just when life seems to be low, that there is no point, take a look around. We may not be much, but we are people out here, who listen, care, and have been there.



  3. Daphne Says:

    David, I agree with Emma. I’ve been in the money situation..just now I’m about 6 months from all the bad stuff dropping off the credit record..and I’ve had near perfect credit for the last 5 years. It takes time but it will work out. Of course, now I’m facing layoffs and it could all fall apart..but I’m trying to be positive. :)

    On the love life front, I also agree. You’re intelligent, cute (hubba hubba) and hell, you knit!! What woman in her right mind wouldn’t want a guy like you? 😉 Okay, enough flattery. Seriously though..you will find someone in time that is going to knock your handknit socks off..hehe.

    Have fun knitting from the new Sally!

  4. David Says:


    I’ve heard that most civilized countries have some kind of legal service group that helps people out. I’m not aware of one in the US, unfortunately. I had to hire an attorney.

    And of course, you’re right; I do know that things will get better. I firmly believe that some of the best times of my life are ahead of me. My confidence is just at low ebb right now. It will improve.

    As for Sally’s new book – I’m a little tempted to try some of the socks in there. I’ve only flipped through it so far, I haven’t really sat down and scrutinized any of the patterns. I’ll be sure to let you know when something strikes my fancy.


  5. Emma Says:

    You know it will be o.k. in the end.
    Make a deal with the money men,using a 3rd party – we have Citizens Advice in the u.k. = free advice,debt counselling & they will make the nasty phone calls for you.
    Love life : What can I say ? You’re a handsome ,interesting and intelligent man.It’ll happen.I’d given up men when I met Allan.Been married 21 years so far ! Best not to go looking but just aim to have fun.
    You know all this stuff anyway !
    So… what are you planning to knit from Sally’s new book ?