A.D.D. Knitting

Sweater Project? What sweater? I can’t seem to get back to the Aran for all the other little projects I keep picking up on the side. “On the side” – at this point, the side orders have become the main course and the Aran’s desert. I still plan to get it done by my birthday… which means I really am going to have to pick up that second sleeve one of these days. Like this weekend.

In the meantime, I made a cool red kufi last night for a co-worker, and I can now officially say that I can crank out a kufi in four hours. Barring interruptions, of course.

I’m also working on the Sooper Sekrit Projekt, of course, and it’s coming along nicely. I took a raft of photos last night, but none of them came out very good, so that’s going to have to wait a bit longer. But I can show you the cool project that I’m now doing with the mohair that I bought when I was in California:

candle flame.jpg

Is it not nifty? It’s a g-string.

Just kidding. It’s going to be a shawl. Does look an awful lot like underwear right now though, doesn’t it?

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  1. Helen Says:

    There are a lot of uncomfortable things I can imagine in life. Mohair in a strategic area tends to be one area that really tops the list.

    I am sure it will be lovely, though!

  2. Hilary Says:

    Aye, I am still blurking 😉

    Meant to send you this link and forgot – just in case you hadn’t seen this site/page already…


  3. Hilary Says:

    I want some of that underwear!!!!!! mmmm cashmere…. 😉

    Argh you caught me! Your little blog tool thingy demanded my name and email addy this time! 😉

  4. Daphne Says:

    I can’t say anything..I’m laughing too hard. :) It will be beautiful once it passes undie stage I’m sure. 😀

  5. Kaetchen Says:

    “Must not make inappropriate comment, must not make inappropriate comment…”

    Looks beautiful, D.