The Glittening

Red Lipstick is hosting a glitten knit-along. Grab some yarn and a couple sets of dpns and join in!

StaceyJoy describes the glitten thusly: “If a glove married a mitten, and they had a baby, you’d get a Glitten.” I asked if the glove and the mitten really had to get married, or if it was just enough that they loved each other and wanted to raise a family. Apparently StaceyJoy’s one of them traditionalists; she insists they do need a binding marriage contract.

This leads me to another question: are glittens a species unto themselves? That is, can they produce fertile offspring? Or are they like mules, and you can only get new glittens by breeding gloves and mittens?

I think I’m gonna need some tissue samples…

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  1. mom Says:

    how do I get this website every day instead of having to go back and look it up?

  2. Kaetchen Says:

    You have far, FAR too much time on your hands! Get thee to the Yarn Barn!