Correct attributions

Through the miracle of Moveable Type’s macros, if you type the word “panties” into a comment or post, this blog will now automatically create a link to a summary of the original quotes by Daphne, Michelle and Kaetchen regarding the word panties.

Just as an aside, you can tell you’re a computer programmer when rather than look something up, you decide to spend thirty minutes building a system to automatically look it up for you so that you’ll never have to look it up again. :-)

No Responses to “Correct attributions”

  1. David Says:

    Unfortunately, Georgina, most of my office mates are guys. Well, I guess that doesn’t mean that panties are out of the question… I do have a great pic of my boss wearing a Marylin Monroe outfit someplace.

  2. Georgina Says:

    Now you MUST make some knitted lace panties, and post the pattern! Make them instead of hats for your officemates.

  3. Cari Says:

    Ooh! All this talk of singular vs. plural nouns! if you aren’t careful, we’ll forcibly induct you into the Grammar Avengers! (And you think YOU need to get out more!)

  4. Kaetchen Says:

    Sweetie, remember what the world looks like outside work and your apartment? You might consider visiting it more often.

  5. michelle Says:

    I’m impressed by how you’ve put your vast programming skills to use in a really important area…panties.

  6. Daphne Says:

    Oh lordy, I worry about you sometimes..hehe. 😀

  7. David Says:

    Cari, your post revealed a shortcoming in the new panty protocol – the singular version of that noun did not create a link. I have fixed that oversight.

    Good lord, you’re right, I do need to get out more. :-)

  8. Cari Says:

    And all this to track down panty references. Dear man, we do need to get you out of the house more. 😉

  9. David Says:


    Thanks, Emma.

  10. Emma Says:

    You’re crackers ! In the nicest possible way ;-]