Minor Blog Tweaks

Here’s a little bit of light technical insight into Sweater Project.

I use Moveable Type as my publishing system because Mark Pilgrim has published a lot of good material about it (and with it). Also, it’s an extensible system, so people like Brad Choate have been able to build some cool plugins for it, like MTMacro.
I use MTMacro to automatically do things like translate “:-)” into “:-)”, automatically put an <acronym> tag around acronyms like k2tog, and of course to elaborate about panties. (None of the links in this paragraph were created manually; they were all done automatically by MT.)
And now I’me adding audio. The first file is way too large, because I encoded it as cd quality audio, which is overkill for voice. I’m not that familiar with the mp3 data format, but I think I can get signifigantly smaller files if I use 8-bit encoding.
Translation: tomorrow’s audio file is going to be less than 1.5 megs.

Finally, I use the VIM text editor to do a lot of work with text. The list of acronyms, for example, was lifted wholesale from Mark’s site, but I had to do some non-trival editing of that list to transform it from a list of <acronym> tags into a list of MTMacro definitions. But thanks to VIM, I was able to do those edits only to the first acronym in the list, then repeat the actions automatically on the rest of the 60-line file.

Oh yeah – and the pictures on this site are mostly taken with an Olympus C-3020 Camedia digital camera. It also records small chunks of video, so expect to see some more multimedia content here down the road.

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  1. Brent Says:

    Thanks for the info, David. That means that I would need to study up on two different things: vim scripting and Python. Not that I’m not up to the task, but who has the time? I agree that it sounds awfully sexy to be able to post to my blog from vim.

  2. David Says:


    Mostly, I just cut and paste my work. But it is possible to post directly to your MT blog from VIM. (That just sounds so sexy when I write it down.)

    First, you need VIM with Python scripting enabled. You might need to recompile for that.
    Second, you need Mark Pilgrim’s Python API for Blogger.
    Then you just need to set up a VIM script in Python to post the contents of your file. Nifty, no?

    Of course, I’ve only done the first two steps. :-) One of these days I’m going to sit down and really maket he whole system work from end to end, but cutting and pasting has not been a huge time waste for me so far, so I haven’t felt compelled to dig into it.

  3. Brent Says:

    David, I am a real VIM geek also. How do you get it to play with MovableType?