Ghost Riders on N. St. Mary’s

Audio Version

I took my camera with me to the Thursday night bike ride last night. This is the third time I’ve made it out there this Spring, and my legs are starting to really get used to the new bike. The only problem I have is that the damned rear wheel keeps squeaking really, really loudly. I need to take it in to the shop and have them deal with it. I’m really not interested in ripping apart a mag wheel and trying to figure out where the noise is coming from.

night crowd.jpg


I also got a picture yesterday of Rob wearing the hat I gave him. It’s a pretty handsome cap if I do say so myself. I also got a couple of requests from co-workers yesterday for some kufis, so it looks like my knitting schedule is going to stay as full as I can handle.

rob in hat.jpg

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  1. Stonering Says:

    Okay, I gave in to peer pressure and tried the audio version. My computer claims it is playing. The speakers claim to be on. But I hear no sound. I hate when the computer does this!

    Spring? I need a world map that shows me the season differences for different parts of the world. Well. And cause I like maps.

  2. Cari Says:

    Hey…I listened to the audio version today. Funny. Your voice sounds exactly as I would have imagined it would. Cool addition to the site.

  3. Georgina Says:

    Hi David,

    The cap looks great! Hey, have you ever made any gloves? I am looking for a good glove pattern so that I can make matching gloves and hats for friends and my kiddos this Xmas. I havn’t found a good one yet. I am thinking of sets in various gauges. I especially want a pattern that I can use Regia yarn with, since I have so many leftover bits from my sock adventures.