What a Day

So I got up this morning, practiced the violin a bit, checked the mail, etc. A pretty usual morning for me. The I loaded up my bag, gave myself an insulin injection, and went down to my car to drive to work. I planned to buy a breakfast taco on the way into work for breakfast.

My car would not start. It apparently gets real finnicky when the weater drops below 60 degrees. A spike of terror went into my heart. First, was my car dead and in need of really expensive repair? Second, I’d just taken a full load of insulin and I didn’t have any food on hand. That’s bad. Third, my only option for getting to work now was to ride my bike. On a full load of insulin and no food.

But the fear quickly passed and I gathered my wits. I ran back into the apartment, changed into ride-appropriate attire, transferred my gear from my bag to my backpack, hopped on my bike and pedaled down to the local convenience store. I bought a quart of chocolate milk – lots of sugar, lots of protein. Perfect. The I proceeded to have an absolutely beautiful ride down to work. I got happier and happier that my car had died.

Almost as soon as I got into work, my partner in programming came into my office and we started in on writing code. We got a pretty good chunk of work done today, and I’m very happy with the quality of the code we produced.

At lunchtime, four of us went down to a local cafeteria and I had the unexpected pleasure of running into K as she was leaving! I had another brief moment of panic as I realized that she was meeting me for the first time in the company of nerds. I wasn’t sure if we were going to scare her off or not. But she took it in stride, and everything seemed okay. After I hugged her goodbye and we continued inside, Sameer (my programming partner) asked me, “is that your girlfriend?” I told him I wasn’t sure yet, but I’d let him know.

Now I’m back home after riding home, racing the sunset. I lost. Luckily, my bike is outfitted with lights, so I didn’t feel too spooked being on the road after dark. And when I tried my car just now, it started fine. There’s definitely a temperature problem somewhere. It does need to get looked at.

Oh, yeah – knitting! I’m going to give Judy her kufi tomorrow, and she’s offered to take me to lunch in exchange. I can live with that. I really like the idea of bartering knitting for food. Feels very satisfying in a visceral way. And now I am going to put some clothes in the was and finish the cuff of the second sleeve.

Night all. See you in the morning.

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  1. jojo Says:

    in the event of an apocalypse, no knitter will go hungry.

  2. margee Says:

    Whew! You had my blood pressure rising with that story! My 24 yr. old daughter has juvenile diabetes since age 8; so I was relating too well to your crisis! I’m glad that you are educating readers to Type I diabetes. My daughter gets so tired of hearing that she must have been a fat child (she’s skinny) to have diabetes. But, the best one is the Shaklee representative that keeps telling her she can ‘reverse’ her diabetes by taking their vitamins!