Judy got her kufi

Another kufi delivered to a happy home.

judy in kufi.jpg

I forgot to mention that Judy is a victim of the dreaded Sweater Curse. She told me when I gave her the kufi that she once knit a sweater for her boyfriend. She got rid of the boyfriend, but kept the sweater. :-)

6 Responses to “Judy got her kufi”

  1. alison Says:

    She’s not a victim of the curse, this woman is a survivor!!!!

  2. Emma Says:

    The Kufi looks fab on her & what a nice,happy smile.

  3. ABQ woman Says:

    Kufi looks great – and so does Judy. BTW, the Sweater Curse is bad – but Jeff and I are both victims of the Car Curse, which involves a lot more money if not more work… and in both our cases, the ex kept the car.

    Still I guess it all balances out as karma…


  4. Stonering Says:

    Great pic. The green looks good on her.

  5. staceyjoy Says:

    Love this. You rock.

  6. Stacey Says:

    I love that picture. What a beautiful hat. What a great smile!