Of Hats

Yet another kufi:

purple kufi.jpg

This one is going to Tara, a waitress at the Brew Moon where I go to listen to the folk jam session on Thursday nights. This last week she was wearing this really cool Aran style cap – it was really cute. I asked to look at it and we got to talking. Apparently, she bought the cap because she couldn’t find the kind of beanie that she really wanted. So I made the kufi for her while I was watching Mystic River with Kelly and Mike this week. (Great movie, great acting, take a Prozac before you go.)

I need to put up a couple of hats for next year’s hat collection at the Yarn Barn. One of my knitting mentors, Caroline, started asking people to donate knitted hats for the SAMM shelter a few years ago. The shelter provides food and clothing for homeless people. Since then, the number of hats contributed each year has grown and this year they collected 709. One lady did about 75. I only contributed two this year. :-(

I own the domain hat-caper.com and I’m not currently doing anything with it. I think I may get with Caroline and set up a site there to tell people about her project so that we can get even more items next year.

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  1. Carol Konkler Says:

    Where can I get a pattern for the kufi you made on November 16,2003?

  2. Pat Says:

    Hi David, Please send me your e-mail address I want to send you a pic of my Kufi cap!