Sooper Seekrit Progress

sooper sekrit progress.jpg

Slowly but surely. And surely very slowly. I’m sooo looking forward to going on vacation so that I can spend a solid day on my projects.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, mostly because there hasn’t been a lot of knitting progress to report. I’ve been having a very good streak at work though. My partner and I gave a presentation of the software we’ve been working on to the sales team yesterday, and they were absolutely thrilled with it. Oh, the sweet feeling of making someone’s life easier. That simply rocks.

I met with my old friend Joe yesterday for lunch. I haven’t seen him in nearly a year. We had a great talk about life, the universe, and everything. Highlights included recumbents, unicycles, meditation and kids. Joe is one of the very rare ones. He’s a male friend that doesn’t have to compete all the time. Men are absolutely horrible about that. I think that’s one of the reasons I like hanging out at the Yarn Barn so much.

At the end of the day I got to test the load-bearing capacity of my new bike. My car’s battery is expiring, so I had to go buy a new one. I took the ‘bent and bungee-corded the battery to the rack, then rode back through downtown with it. Having a 40-50 lb. block on the back of the bike definitely affects handling, but I didn’t have any problems. Got some very funny looks from the mechanics and the guys in front of my building though. My co-worker Justin spat out his gum laughing when I asked him to hold open the door for me.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hey David, I hope all is well. Big family dinner up here on Friday; call me if you’d like to come!

  2. James Says:

    that’s a nice blue colour. I really like the hats you made. Have you ever checked out the
    Hatternique site? It has a lot of hat patterns
    to crochet or knit.

  3. Kaetchen Says:

    Thought for sure I was the only one who had ever done this! You’re stronger than me – I had to call for help!