Over the River and Through the Woods

Well, not over the river and through the woods, really. More over the hill country and through 600 miles of desert. And the destination was not Grandma’s house, it was my sister’s house.

I am blogging this chilly morning from my sister’s house in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. I drove out yesterday with my mom and stepfather. They took turns driving while I acted as quartermaster and got things as needed out of the back seat. We had a lovely lunch on-the-go of leftover fried chicken, courtesy of Kelly’s dad. Last weekend he made up a monster batch of his world-famous chicken which we all ate at my mom’s place.

I spent most of the drive yesterday working on the Sooper Seekrit Projekt, but at the end of the day I got a little too enthusiastic and I put in two rows too many for the cable pattern. So this morning I’m sitting on the sofa next to one of my nephews, frogging the project and watching Teletubbies.

The rest of the day is pretty much going to be devoted to cooking and eating. Tomorrow I’m going to go into town with my sis and her family and check out the aquarium here. I’m told it’s very good, and it’s got sections that reflect the different ecological segments of the Rio Grande all the way down to the Gulf of Texas Mexico.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you folks who celebrate it.

My sister just unwrapped the turkey she bought from the local Whole Foods. She went in a couple of days ago and told them she wanted a “fresh, not frozen turkey”. They sold her a guaranteed fresh turkey in a cute little cardboard box package, which she put into her temperature-controlled refrigerator.

Well, upon unwrapping, we noticed that the turkey was covered in ice. She called the store back and asked them why, exactly, her “fresh” turkey was icy. They replied that it wasn’t actually frozen, but it’s deep chilled, which is apparently a term the FDA lets them use. Also, the bird isn’t dead, it’s in permanent metabolic stasis.

We are applying cold water now. May Our Lady of Rapid Thawing smile upon us this day.

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  1. Lola Lee Says:

    Sigh . . . whatever happened to truth in advertising?