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Santa Strikes Early

Saturday, November 8th, 2003

Here is a pair of hats for Sophie’s boys. Double-stranded mohair, very soft and very warm. I used the Marsan Watchcap decrease that I stole from Staceyjoy on the rolled-brim one. I don’t think I’ll do that again, because it ended up making the stripe at the top square, which sort of clashes with the […]

I love cheese

Friday, November 7th, 2003

There were one or two questions in this week’s Cheddar X that resonated with me, so I thought I’d answer them. 1. What good did you do in the world today? I caught a bat that was stuck on our floor of the office building and released it outside. One of the IT guys was […]


Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my heart. I just spoke to K on the phone. We had a frank discussion about how we both feel. She’s not particularly interested in me romantically. That’s a little bit frustrating. I’d rather hear that she wasn’t interested in me at all; but she […]


Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

In yesterday’s cryptic post, I was talking about Kaetchen, StaceyJoy, Helen, myself, K, and Stacey respectively. The truth is, I didn’t have a lot to say. Sorry for any unease that may have engendered. In an effort to shake off this malignant funk that has been clinging to me for the last few months, I’m […]


Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

In the news yesterday: Someone got a very bad phone call. Someone took the moral high ground. Someone had a car accident. Someone got ahead of schedule. Someone never picked up the phone. Someone took their dog to the park. All in all, the good and the bad balanced each other out. The world didn’t […]

Fragrant Exhaustion

Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

I’m pooped. My apartment now smells of onions, garlic, mushrooms and wine. I made a big dish of beef bourguignon from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook along with a skillet of parmesan risotto for dinner tomorrow night. I’m going to be eating leftovers for days. I made a huge amount of food.

Done – and Undone

Sunday, November 2nd, 2003

The second sleeve is finished! And only two weeks late. The astute observer will note that one of the sleeves is still on the needles here. The really astute observer will note that it’s not the one I’ve been working on. The first sleeve was a bit too short, so I ripped out the cuff. […]

Windy Nights

Saturday, November 1st, 2003

Audio Version In honor of Hallowe’en, I’d like to share with you guys a poem my dad used to read to us as children which always scared the hell out of us. Windy Nights, by Robert Louis Stevenson. From “A Child’s Garden of Verses”. WHENEVER the moon and stars are set, Whenever the wind is […]