The end is nigh

Sameer (my programming partner) and I just did a quick calculation on the Sooper Sekrit Projekt. Here are the calculations we did in everyone’s favorite programming language, Python:

# There are 321 stitches in each armhole
>>> 321 * 2
# there are ten rows of 107 stitches in the collar
>>> 107 * 10
# The total number of stitches left is the collar and both armholes
>>> 1070 + 642
>>> stitches = 1712
# it takes me about two seconds to knit a stitch
>>> seconds = 1712 * 2
>>> minutes = seconds / 60
>>> minutes

I’ve got about one hour of work left. :-) I finished the second shoulder last night; I’ll post pics tonight when I get home.

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  3. David Says:

    I made an error in my calculations: I assumed it would take two seconds to pick up a stitch. I’ve got more than an hour ahead of me.