My Nephew Has Good Taste

For Christmas, my nephew Austin picked out two outstanding presents for me. This is the son of my brother, the brother who is getting the XO Cardigan Vest (formerly known as the Sooper Sekrit Projekt), and he probably had a little help from his mom.

They sent me the new edition of the Vogue Knitting book along with a knitting journal, which has room for a little summary of your projects on each page, along with space for a photo and a yarn sample. It’ll be like an analog version of this blog that I can carry with me.

I entered the details of Matt’s vest as the first entry in the journal. If I can overcome the hangover I’m currently suffering from, I will add the details of my sister’s vest later today. It’s a piece that I’ve done once before for my mom – a sleevless mock-turtleneck with a cabled front done in Sirdar Denim Ultra. It knits up really fast. I started it Christmas Eve and all I have left is picking up the collar and arm holes.

My camera’s batteries are dead, so no pictures as of yet.

Hey, Merry Christmas everyone. Go do something nice for someone you don’t like.

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  1. David Says:

    It’s the whole spirit of charity and giving thing. Anyone can give a present to someone they love.

  2. Emma Says:

    Why ? !!!

    I’ll stick to stuff for people I do like. ;-]

    Great Christmas present.I’d be lost without my knitting journal.