Quick Driving Tips

A quick tip from me to all the aggressive drivers out there who like to pull up next to me on my bike, scream obscenities at me, and then take off.

Don’t let me get close enough to you to read your license plate number.


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  1. ABQ woman Says:

    As a brand-spankin’-new bike owner :-) (thanks again David!!!), I’d have to second Natalie. Not about nudging bicyclists (!) but the bike lane thing. I can’t figure it out. ALbuquerque is a very bicycle-friendly city and has designated bike lanes and trails all over the place (and bike racks on all the buses), but I see folks riding their bikes in the street all the time. Beats me, but like my brother says, they have a right to be there… though I personally would rather use the bike lane, especially since hearing all about David’s “nudging” incident. WHat can I say – I’m a wuss! Oh, and while I’m at it, Theresa, I’ve had people throw stuff at me too. A full styrofoam cup of Coke was my personal favorite in that category – when somebody throws something like that at you while driving by at 50 mph it definitely changes your outlook. Yeeeouch.

  2. Natalie Says:

    Dont worry my homicidal impulses are always controlled and so is my use of the horn:)

  3. David Says:


    First, I hope that your thoughts of ‘nudging’ cyclists are in the same category as those thoughts you have when you’re standing on top of a really tall cliff or building, and you think “what if I jumped”?

    I got ‘nudged’ by a truck a few years ago and I wound up with daily back pain and insulin-dependant diabetes. Cars and trucks ‘nudge’ really, really hard.

    Having said that, I can’t speak for the actions of cyclists that I haven’t met. If there’s a good bike lane available and they choose not to ride in it, that’s kind of strange. Is the lane littered with debris or broken glass, by any chance?

    If a cyclist is blocking traffic, the proper etiquette is the same as with a car that’s blocking traffic. Bicycles are vehicles just like any other in the eyes of the law (in most places). Give a couple taps on your horn to let them know you’d like them to let you pass.

    Don’t lean on your horn. Remember, the person on the bike doesn’t have the same noise protection you do inside your car. A car horn sounded from three feet behind is REALLY loud.

    Finally, don’t lose your temper. If someone slows you down in traffic, you’re going to lose a few seconds, maybe a minute or two in your total travel time. Chances are you’re going to lose more than that at the next stoplight.

  4. Matt Roth Says:

    Too bad you don’ live in california anymore…we used to call the smog alert hotline when drivers were rude…very effective punishment when you have to bring your car in for a $20.00 smog re-check every month for a year

  5. Natalie Says:

    Ok I have a quick question…. Not being a cyclist myself and admittedly I have thought of accidentally “nudging” into a biker or two, why do most cyclists refuse to use the bike lane, is it to constricting? And what is the proper etiquette for someone who goes 5 miles an hour in the middle of the road when there is a great new nicely paved bike lane 5 feet to his/her right?

  6. Theresa Says:

    Better yet, what about the people who throw things at you? I never could understand that – I’m sure they were just jealous of my well-shaped calves . . .