This sweater brought to you by Netflix

Ah, glorious day. I’m sitting on my sofa, watching Farscape DVDs from Netflix, and working on the Aran. As soon as I had the yarn in my hands again, I realized how much I missed working on it. It’s kind of a weird feeling to realize I’m almost done with it. I’ve been working on it for so long, it seems more like some kind of quest than just a knitting project.

But it will be nice to have it done. Granted, I’ll have to take a trip up North someplace if I want to wear the darned thing. Or I could just go hang out in a skating rink.

Later today I’m going to try to get in some bike riding, then this evening I’m meeting with the other developers in my department from work and the president of the company. I wonder if they’d mind if I brought some knitting with me…

No Responses to “This sweater brought to you by Netflix”

  1. Katxena Says:

    I’m worried that Sweater Project will go away when you finish that sweater, so I’m secretly hoping that you never finish!

  2. Stacey Says:

    Let me send some of this snow your way. Or crank the AC way up in the apartment. I am totally hooked on arans. I am looking for a mew aran pattern to knit the old einstein yarn.