Slave to my passions

I’m weak. I promise, next week you’ll get some real knitting content. But for now . . . I’ve had some more ideas about what to do with the cable grapher, and I’m implementing them this evening.

If anyone reading this has actually gone and looked at the cable grapher over the past couple of weeks, you’ll notice that absolutely nothing has changed. That’s partly because I haven’t actually pushed any of the code I’m working on up to this server. I’m developing on a box that’s sitting in front of my fireplace. But even if I had deployed it, you’d notice absolutely no change in the software. It doesn’t do any more than it did before, it’s not faster, it’s not more accurate.

However, it is better code from a programmer’s point of view. At some point I’m going to release the code for others to play with if they so choose. And when I do, it will be a lot easier for them to make changes and customizations because I’m making the code easier to read and understand, and therefore make it easier to extend.

This is the sort of programming that all code monkeys secretly (or openly, for that matter) yearn to write – good code, stuff you can be proud of. I don’t always have the luxury of doing that at work, because a lot of that is bug fixing, special one-shot projects that need to be finished yesterday, or projects that get abandoned because the management decides it’s not a good use of resources.

But on my own time – that’s another story. I can take as long as I want to make this something I’m satisfied with.

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  1. tracy_a Says:

    Amen. I wish all my code could be good code, or at least reasonably understandable by others…But usually, that’s not as big a concern to the Big Guy as just having it done on time. So congrats on taking the time to write thoughtful code for yourself!

    And, hey, when you finish that Aran, I’ve know just the nice chilly place with lots of snow to shovel for you to wear the thing!