Gettin’ into it

Last night, a friend of mine had birthday dinner downtown. Rather than drive home after work and then return, I took my sweater with me in a backpack and stayed downtown after work. I hung out in a Starbuck’s on the river and worked several rounds over a couple of hours. It’s been a hectic week at work, and it felt really good to just sit and knit for a while.

I also picked up a consulting gig yesterday for an investment company. Every time they create a new account for a customer, they have to fill out a stack of forms four inches thick. And it’s the same information, over and over and over. They have all the documents available electronically, so I’m going to build them a system to fill out the forms automatically so that new customers just need to put their John Hancock in the appropriate places.

Today I’m heading down to the Yarn Barn to continue the sweater, then I’m going to pick up the dogs and head to Kerrville for the evening. My mom’s computer is sick and needs some help. Thank you SO much, whoever wrote MyDoom. Idjit.

No Responses to “Gettin’ into it”

  1. David Says:

    You make it sound like there are roaming mobs attacking individual knitters! :-) There have been times when I’ve been working on something that take a lot of attention and I haven’t gotten much done because several people have come up to me and asked what I’m working on.

    At Starbuck’s that night, I got interrupted once by a couple of girls who were handing out invitations to a church service. That was about it. It was so chilly outside that most people didn’t want to stop and chit-chat.

  2. Georgina Says:

    Did you get any comments from people at Starbucks? How brave of you to knit alone in public. Sometimes if I have time to kill I just knit in the car alone.