You know, you can knit with bike spokes.

In response to the beauteous Kaetchen’s request, there will be a photo of my progress on the Aran forthcoming. I’ve gotten through about fifteen rows since the last photo, which means almost one complete repeat of the big Saxon Braid down the middle. I feel like I’m working it pretty fast – *when* I work on it.

Yesterday at lunchtime I stopped by a local bike store and hopped on a really, really nice bike that I cannot afford. It was a Specialized Allez Comp, with a top-of-the-line Shimano component set, a feather-light aluminum frame, and carbon fiber forks, handlebars, and seatpost. Man, I had forgotten what a really high-end machine like that feels like, even on a short test ride.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am absolutely in love with my dear Schwinn Passage. She and I have put in some long miles together. She’s geared just right for me. She’s also the first aluminum bike I ever owned, and so she’s the lightest bike I’ve had in a long procession of road bikes, starting with a heavy BCA ten-speed when I was a teenager. But if the Passage is a reliable old Accord, then the Allez is a Porsche 944.

Except of course you’ve got to supply your own engine. :-)

Geek Knitting: Teresa definitely gets it.

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  1. Kaetchen Says:

    Aw, sweetie, thanks. I’ve been wondering how you were getting on. Don’t know about SA, but here it’s been so gloomy and fogged-over every day that knitting is a natural extension of the weather. There have been exactly 3 sunny days since Thanksgiving. Can’t.Take.It.Any.More!

    Meant to say yesterday that I love your mom’s quilt. That looks like tremendous work. Good for her! What a creative lady.

    As for the geek knitting…I think this is one of the fundamental differences between certain types of knitters. I fall someplace in between, mostly in love with hand, color and texture – but I can certainly see why an affection for mathematics would make knitting the ur-hobby.