Hey, how’d that happen?

So I’m sitting on the sofa at Kelly’s right now, borrowing her laptop to post to the blog. Bailey is sitting next to me, panting and getting occasional tummy pets. The aran in in my lap.

My sweater is almost done. Somehow it seemed like there was almost a foot to go on it, but when I held it up to show the ladies at the Yarn Barn this morning, I realized I’ve only got about one more full repeat of the Saxon Braid to go.
That’s sixteen rows. If I drink enough coffee, I can have this baby finished by tomorrow morning.

How’d it get this far? I remember sitting in this room a little over a year ago. There was a bad movie on the TV and I had a collar and two shoulder saddles in my hands, cursing that I had yet again picked up the wrong number of stitches.

Now, all of a sudden, it’s this big heavy sweater. I know I’ve spent hours staring at it, working on it, correcting mistakes; but somehow it feels like somebody else did all the work and now I’m just coming in at the end to finish it up.

There should be some pictures up tomorrow.

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  1. Suzy Says:

    The creation of this sweater sounds like what I felt when I finally realized both my daughters were almost finished with high school. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that they were babies!

    And since this comment is so late- I have seen the sweater on the man and it is gorgeous (and David looks great in it too)! The only thing about living in SA, you won’t get to wear it too much. You will have a long life together!

  2. Elaine Says:

    I love your aran and its history. I have knit arans too and lace shawls and Einstein sweaters and afhgans and socks and hats…. What intrigues me most about your beautifully proportioned and beautifully executed aran, is the construction plan you used. It looks like it fits perfectly. How did you determine what percentage of the neck would go toward saddle shoulders while allowing the remainder of the neck to be for front and back? You did the saddles and front and back by picking up stitches, no? What a beautiful product you created! Thanks for letting us in on it.

  3. Jon Says:

    Very exciting, David! Can’t wait to see you model the FO. :-)