My Sweater Is Finished!

Perfectum est.

finished aran.jpg

I guess I’m going to call it the St. Patrick’s Day Aran from now on since I finished it yesterday. It’s heavy and scratchy. Way too warm for the climate I live in. There are two obvious errors in the big Saxon Braid cable down the middle of the front and back (one error on each side, for balance). The ribbing around the waist is way too loose.

I love it.

As a geek, I love the fact that this is post number 256. I guess that means this is an 8-bit sweater.

So the Sweater Project is complete. Let’s see, what’s next?

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  1. Vanessa Says:

    Great job! You inspire me and now I must go online and order an aran pattern and yarn! I’m ready to start an aran right now. Thanks for sharing. I live in Oklahoma and it’s extremely hot and humid right now, have you ever heard of an aran sweater made in cotton or a cotton blend maybe? I’m off to the wild blue yonder to search for a blend for an aran.

  2. Debra Says:

    All I can say is “WOW!” That’s a very beautiful sweater. I’d love to be able to knit like that, hopefully one day. Thanks for sharing your total knitting experience here with us.

  3. Peggy Says:

    Congrats on the great-looking sweater. You are one incredible guy — any man who knows his way around an Aran pattern is more than welcome in our knitting group! If you’re ever in the San Antonio, TX area…

  4. Liz Cadorette Says:

    Where did you get the pattern for that fantastic sweater? Share, pretty please? With sugar on it?

    Incredible job, by the way. Uber impressive.

  5. Fiadhnat Says:

    Lovely sweater, can’t see the mistake on the front in the photo. I have heard that each Aran should have an error as only God is perfect! and I’ve stood by that saying for all the Arans and other projects I’ve done over the years!

  6. Tess Says:


    WOW!!! It IS perfect and beautiful! I’ve got to make one for my DH!

  7. Linn Says:

    You are fond of of those twisty bits aren’t you. Good job.

    Linn, who owns most of your stock on Blogshares. I’ve added your blog to my links

  8. Mopsie Says:

    I think it’s gorgeous. Really beautiful!

  9. Miriam Says:

    Rock on!

  10. Hilary Says:

    Perfetto!! Congratulations David, you’ve done a wonderful job on that sweater. Now let’s hope the temperature drops for you.

  11. treva Says:

    Hooray for you! It’s super spiffy, and I’ll just bet nobody else will ever notice any mistake you made.

  12. cari Says:

    Woohoo! Looks great! (and a very fetching haircut on you, my friend). So what do we call the blog now?

  13. Silvia Says:

    The sweater looks great! No one will notice a thing wrong with it if you keep your piehole zipped. Really, I don’t see a bit wrong. Fingers crossed for global warming/el nino to provide a few days to make it just right.

  14. LynnH Says:

    Oh, my. You must be so pleased. What a wonderful thing you made. Congratulations!

  15. June P Says:

    Just gorgeous!!! Great job on the sweater!


  16. genia Says:

    you know, there’s this yarn called Silky Wool (by Elsbeth Lavold) that would make a beautiful sweater — perfect fiber for “your neck of the woods.”

    The Sweater looks grand!

  17. michelle Says:


  18. Georgina Says:


    It is wonderful! (Virtual Hug to you)
    What pattern did you use? I am tempted to make one for my husband. It looks very striking! I love it.

  19. Katxena Says:

    Looks really, really HOT — and the sweater is pretty nice too! :)

    I’m so happy to see it finished, but I hope it doesn’t spell the end of The Sweater Project. I enjoy reading about your knitting and other adventures.

  20. staceyjoy Says:

    Nice work D. Very nice.

  21. James Says:

    Very nice, can’t see any mistakes from here. Looks like it fits perfect. Been watching your progress. Job well done. What’s next?

  22. Theresa Says:

    Gorgeous sweater! May you get some unseasonably cold weather in San Antonio so that you can wear it at least once this Spring. I’ll trade you a little of what we have in Chicago right now for a little of what I remember San Antonio in March to be like. :-)

  23. susan Says:

    Too cool. It truly looks great on you. Thanks for sharing the experience. Your Sooper Sekrit actually inspired me to buy the book, and after being sidetracked by another vest I found in there, I’m about 1/3 the way through the XO. I better stay away from this book till I get some WIPs off the wheel and needles. Maybe in the fall…

  24. Elaine Says:

    Your Aran is more than a well-done knitting project. It is something you shared with so many others who enjoyed your involvement vicariously. Thank you for your intelligent warmth throughout

    If you want to tighten up that ribbing without frogging, you know that you can sew invisible elastic on the inside. I am sure Yarn Barn has the product. (Also, here in NYC it is still cold enough to wear an Aran, should one happen to own one.)

  25. Eklectika Says:

    W00t!!! Looks great!

    And huzzah to computer geek knitters! 😉

  26. ABQ Woman Says:

    Felicitations, mon frere – c’est magnifique!

    I think you *do* need to go to Ireland… Hmmm, I’m feeling like a trip to Europe sometime in the relatively near future too… Of course, I’ll have to knit something comparable first, so maybe not that soon! *Excellent* job, lil’ bro!!!

  27. max Says:

    Congratulations. Great looking sweater. Can’t wit to see what is next.

  28. Stacey Says:

    Nice TP… I mean Aran. It does look great. Perfect fit. I do see the pattern goof. Some crafters add flaws intentionally to prove it was handcrafted. With all the time you put into it I’d want a signiture flaw too.

    Great Job, David!

  29. gwen Says:

    it’s beautiful and you look great in it. mmm… men in aran sweaters. too bad i’m married :)

  30. Brent Says:

    Congratulations on completing your sweater. It looks awesome (if you will pardon my eighties slang)!

  31. Josée Says:

    Hey there! Just love that sweater – it’s perfect for you! This is the first time I see your blog, thanks to a link on Blogdogblog. Great job! :)

  32. LaValle Says:

    Both you and the sweater look quite dashing!!!
    Let’s see — you could take a trip to Australia this summer to get some quality time wearing it.

  33. Daphne Says:

    Fabulous!! :)

  34. jojo Says:


  35. Mandy Says:

    It looks gorgeous! Congrats…

  36. Jon Says:

    Well done, sir! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  37. mary Says:

    Your sweater looks GREAT! Now you’re making me want to start an Aran. Seriously though you did a fantastic job.

  38. Emma Says:

    Totally FAB !!!
    You look rather fetching,in a hunky way,in it.
    Definately a trip to Ireland,in the Autumn.I can see that sweater in a friendly little pub,accessorised with a pint,or more,of Guiness.

  39. Kaetchen Says:

    There are no words. It’s love love loverly. (Okay, so there were words, but cruddy ones that don’t describe the fabulousness!)

    PS – Is the toilet paper deliberate? ‘Cause otherwise, EW.

  40. Mary Says:

    In hex, I’d give that sweater a mark of 100!

    Great job – I kind of like the mistakes in the cables – it’s a puzzle for the observer to figure out where they are. I made an aran and ended up with a repeating mistake on the back. Now I can always tell which side is the front when I put it on.

    I once made a pair of socks which I named the IP address socks…

    :) Nice knitting!

  41. athena Says:

    congrats! it looks great! :-)

  42. Louise Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been following your progress for a while and have enjoyed reading about this major production. Your sweater looks much nicer than the one in the book. Bravo!

  43. Cynthia Says:

    Awesome job! Thanks for your prompt reply…..I ordered two sticks and a string as soon as you told me about it.

    Bye the bye….it so gratifying to see men knitting. My twenty-something son (6 foot 2, piercings, tattoos, pseudo-biker) has started to knit up a storm and is woeful there aren’t more men knitting in our area. I’ll be sure to send him you website.