And Now For Something Completely Different

Work this week has been all-consuming. I was supposed to have two projects ready to roll out last Friday. I am still trying to get the first of them to a state where it won’t break everything when I deploy it.

One of the interruptions in my schedule was the need for a targeted mass-email to our customers who have certain types of Windows software. There’s this new worm out there, you see, called Witty. And it’s a nasty little bugger. It specifically targets servers that are using certain security packages, and over time it will delete random hard drive space, causing the server to crash. So, we had to let our customers know it was out there and what to do about it.

The rest of my time this week has been spent staring into a morass of data and trying to figure how to migrate it from one state to another without losing any information. I am not a database administrator per se; I’m just a rather clever monkey who knows how to use a stick to get at the juicy termites. But there you have it; the data needs to be migrated and I’m the monkey with the free time. I just wish I had figured it out a week ago.

Last night I had a really, really wonderful interlude in all this work. I went over the my violin lesson and scratched out the pieces I’ve been practicing. At the end, we played a duet by Handel and there were parts of it where I really felt like I was a violin player. We were actually creating music. Not the whole song, mind you – just a couple of phrases here and there. She had to stop for me a dozen times and back up and correct me. But it felt good to touch that space and know that I’ll be able to make it there eventually.

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