Thomas the Triathlete

My buddy Thomas did his first triathlon yesterday after only a month’s training. I am in awe. I was really worried that he wasn’t going to make it past the swim. The water was 55° and there were only about six other competitors out there in wetsuits. But he pushed through the swim and got on the bike looking strong.

*sniff* I’m so proud.

See if you can guess which one’s Thomas:

no wetsuit.jpg

Did I mention that the water was *really* cold?

finishing the swim.jpg

setting out on the bike.jpg

About an hour and a half later, still looking fresh…

back from the bike.jpg

And then a nice leisurely 10k run.

mike at the finish.jpg

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  1. LaValle Says:

    Congratulations to you Thomas. You looked mighty fine out there.

  2. Thomas Says:

    6 competitors without wetsuits, but in all fairness, I probably had more body fat as an individual than the other several hundred combined, so I was insulated….

  3. Thomas Says:

    Thanks, David. You are one of the rare, truly exceptional people I have ever met. I think the water was 58, though, not 68. Not only did several people tell me, but I can mesure this by the level of shrinkage… I was feeling down-right vaginal and what I thought was a cramp in my lower bowels might very well have been my testicles burrowing for warmth next to my liver!