Happy Birthday Kaetchen!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday my dear Kaetchen,
happy birthday to you!

You’re two years younger than me though, so I still get to call you “kid”. :-)

This reminds me: need to buy her present. Fuck. It’ coming sweetie, I swear. I just pray that my friends continue to view my forgetfulness as an endearing trait and not the sign of me being an asshole.

I got a great surprise yesterday. The guys at Krazy Kat accepted my offer and even threw in a bow and a case! Nice case, crappy bow. But the violin is just beautiful. It’s been repaired at least three times and it looks like it was run over by a truck, but it sounds great and feels wonderful. I really wish my playing at this point could do justice to it. Practice, practice, practice.

I rode the ‘bent for half an hour at lunch yesterday and hit a couple of decent hills. Hills aren’t easy on a recumbent, especially when said recumbent bike has crappy gearing. My quads are a little sore today.
It’s Wednesday, and that’s rest day for me. No workout today, though I’ll probably do some push-ups just to keep the momentum.

Nada. I’m just too freaking busy right now. If I had a truly mindless project, like a garter-stitch scarf underway right now, I might be able to get something in. But yesterday when I got home from work, I flopped onto the couch, ate dinner, watched a half hour of silly movie, and went to bed. And today does not promise to be any less demanding of my time.
Nor does tomorrow.
Nor does Friday.
Dammit, why does this have to happen during Fiesta?

I’ve got to re-write some complicated SQL for a system at work that I broke with my updates last week. It’s a system I’ve never looked at the code for before, so this isn’t a cake walk.
I’ve got to replace Thomas’ power supply in his computer. It keeps dying because the power supply is going bad, and he needs it to work on letters and his resumé so that he can get a job.
I’ve got to finish the set of Word macros that I’m doing for my dad’s company as a consultant. Those aren’t especially mentally demanding, but there are about 1,000 form fields that need to be turned into code and there is very little repetition between their names, which means I can’t just do some scripting-fu and generate the code automatically. I’ve got to type all of them up by hand.

Now for coffee. Everyone who’s still reading, go tell Kaetchen happy birthday!

No Responses to “Happy Birthday Kaetchen!”

  1. Kaetchen Says:

    THANK YOU! With sugar and spice and “knitted wristwear” (remember those?) on top.

    You are not an asshole. You’re a Doofus Maximus. ‘Course, so am I.

    Big kiss!

  2. dee dee Says:

    tsk tsk tsk – “KID.”